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Updated: Jun 14

So many seniors graduating this year! We had a nice barbeque at chez Xu-Friedman to celebrate, and nobody caught on fire. We also celebrated Alex, who will be moving on to grad school soon. We hope to see everyone for a little while longer as they polish off their projects, and before they move on to their diverse next steps. Congratulations to all!

(Pictured, left to right: Dr. Xu-Friedman, Kimberly Nguyen, Daysia Augustin, Jessica Tong, Jarrod Lynch, Alex Gennaro, Sydney Brongo, Evan Forero, Colin Schupbach)

Colin received the Outstanding Student Award in the Neuroscience major at the medical school commencement ceremony today. Matthew was lucky enough to attend and hand Colin the award, which was well-deserved for his good grades, his involvement in research, and his service as an undergraduate TA. He said it was a big surprise when he opened the program after arriving at the ceremony. Way to go, Colin!

Updated: May 24

Sydney showed a poster at the Biological Sciences Honors Symposium. The poster session showed off projects for all the Honors students. The recognition ceremony was also very nice. Great job, Sydney!

(Pictured: Sydney pointing to a lovely confocal image of bushy cells produced by our lab. It is unfortunately obscured by the auditorium's harsh lighting. Darn!)

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