Nicole's paper came out in the Journal of Neuroscience today. Teresa Esch at the journal wrote a very nice feature of the paper, which is really exciting. Unfortunately, we didn't get the cover, but here is one of our submissions, which is a fluorescent image of the cochlear nucleus, with auditory nerve fibers labelled with ChrimsonR-tdTomato. You can see the auditory nerve fibers streaming in from the bottom, and bifurcating to innervate the AVCN, PVCN, and DCN. Sharp eyes can discern endbulbs. Wade Sigurdson at the confocal facility helped us get the image.

Matthew presented Nicole's work on the induction of synaptic changes at the Auditory Gordon Research Conference at Bryant University. He met up with many colleagues, and saw lots of outstanding work. The organizers did a terrific job. Looking forward to the next one!

Nicole's paper studying induction of synaptic changes was accepted by the Journal of Neuroscience. Way to go, Nicole! Apparently, Matthew owes her a hat.

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