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Anna presents a poster at the Biological Sciences Honors Symposium with her work to observe the effects of nitric oxide (NO) on auditory synapses by way of calcium imaging. Way to go Anna!!

(Pictured: Dr. Xu-Friedman and Anna Braymiller standing next to the poster titled: Testing How Nitric Oxide Causes Activity-Dependent Changes Within Auditory Synapses Using Calcium Imaging)

Updated: Feb 14

Matthew and Sydney attended the annual Association for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO) Midwinter Meeting in Anaheim, CA. Sydney showed a poster about our current work in understanding and characterizing the different Type I spiral ganglion neuron subtypes. Great job, Sydney!

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

So many seniors graduating this year! We had a nice barbeque at chez Xu-Friedman to celebrate, and nobody caught on fire. We also celebrated Alex, who will be moving on to grad school soon. We hope to see everyone for a little while longer as they polish off their projects, and before they move on to their diverse next steps. Congratulations to all!

(Pictured, left to right: Dr. Xu-Friedman, Kimberly Nguyen, Daysia Augustin, Jessica Tong, Jarrod Lynch, Alex Gennaro, Sydney Brongo, Evan Forero, Colin Schupbach)

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