Amanda Lauer visits

Amanda Lauer, from Johns Hopkins University Dept. of Otolaryngology, came to the lab to train us and the Dent lab in ABRs and DPOAEs, and also to plan some collaborative projects. It was great to have her here.

Connor heads to NYITCOM

Connor's last lab day was today, as he is headed off to DO school this weekend. The last two weeks were a dizzying rush of experiments, as he got optogenetic stimulation to work after years of technical struggle. Nice to go out on a high note. Best wishes in his new school. Hope the place deserves him!

Xiaowen defends her thesis

Xiaowen gave her thesis defense today. Her talk went very well, and most importantly we celebrated with cake and champagne (see obligatory ceiling tile indentation). Now just a little more paperwork, and we have to start calling her "Dr. Zhuang". Congratulations, Xiaowen!

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