Matthew lectured at the Ion Channels course. In person! It is always great to go there and talk about N, P, and Q, and count M&Ms. This year recording minis in the cerebellum went pretty well. Thanks to Annalisa Scimemi, Nicolas Wanaverbecq, Jan Grundemann, Christine Grienberger, and Teresa Giraldez (who I didn't meet) for organizing the course and inviting me along!

Soham Chanda at Colorado State included us on a project converting excitatory neurons to inhibitory by overexpressing just 3 proteins, VGAT, GAD65, and GAD67. It just came out in Nature Communications. Thanks for involving us, Soham!

Alex was awarded the Outstanding Senior Award in the Neuroscience major at the JSMBS commencement, handed him here by Prof. David Dietz (I think!). Way to go, Alex!

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