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mafPC is a set of routines written to control Instrutech and National Instruments hardware from Wavemetrics Igor v6 running on either PC or Macintosh computers.  It is particularly useful for designing complex stimulation paradigms and collecting responses.


mafPC’s interface is implemented entirely in Igor-native code, so it is platform-independent.  That means it is relatively easy to modify the code for sophisticated users.


mafPC can control Heka ITC16 and ITC18, as well as National Instruments E-, M-, and X-series boards.  It can theoretically be adapted with minor changes for any data acquisition system.


The package includes:

  • mafBrowse: a useful tool for reviewing the traces you have collected

  • mafCam: an interface for interacting with a digital camera

  • mafDC: a plug-in that implements a powerful dynamic clamp interface

  • mafITC: a set of routines for controlling your data acquisition system

  • mafPC: an interface for constructing arbitrarily complex stimulation patterns

  • mafScope: an oscilloscope window


mafPC is in constant use in our lab as well as others around the world, and it is quite reliable.  We encourage you to suggest new features by contacting us.  If you publish a paper using mafPC, do please acknowledge using it somewhere in your methods (e.g. “Electrophysiology data were collected using Igor (Wavemetrics) running mafPC (courtesy of M. A. Xu-Friedman)”, or similar.

To download the package, click the paper clip button:

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