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Alumni from the lab went out for dinner after Saturday's poster session. Tenzin, Nicole, Xiaowen, Soham, and Soham's student Tom (right to left) wandered all over the Gaslamp Quarter and finally found a restaurant that wasn't packed with neuroscientists. The tiramisu was really good! It was great to see everyone, and hope Yang will be in the next photo!

Halloween is approaching, and Hubert has crawled out of his cupboard to do more labwork. He sure knows his PPE. Perhaps he learned his lesson, belatedly. This year, Hubert appears to be learning perfusions, but his mouse-handling skills seem to be poor. So, work late in Hochstetter at your own peril!

Malcolm Slaughter invited Matthew to give a talk to the Physiology and Biophysics Department today. It was great to tell our story to longtime friends. He covered work from Tenzin, Xiaowen, and Nicole's papers. He did go a little long, but there was lots of interesting discussion afterwards.

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