Matthew gave a talk to the Department of Otolaryngology and the Virginia Merrill Bloedel Hearing Research Center at the University of Washington. The weather was gloomy, but the place was full of vitality and energy. He met with lots of people, and caught up with several old acquaintances. All were doing really interesting work. It was a great visit.

The lab got together at the Xu-Friedman house to mark Victoria's departure. She goes off to Albany for a Master's program in Forensics. Her going-away gift was her favorite genotyping result, rendered in blanket form by Sophie X-F. We hope this will be a good memento. And so practical too! Best of luck to Victoria in her new endeavors!

Matthew made his annual pilgrimage to the Ion Channels course at Cold Spring Harbor. The lecture and lab went very well this year, although the M&M's demonstration was marred by one student's finding a half a quantum, which seems illegal. It is always fun to share in the intense and energetic atmosphere. Matthew owes this opportunity to Stephan Brenowitz, who invited him to take part many years ago. Matthew also found time to catch up with Connor Cook, who is attending NYITCOM nearby.

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