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Matthew Xu-Friedman

Principal Investigator

Hails from: San Diego, CA

BS 1989, Yale University

PhD 1997, Cornell University, Carl Hopkins PI

postdoc 1997–2004. Harvard Medical School, Wade Regehr PI

Assistant Professor 2004–2010, University at Buffalo

Associate Professor 2010–2018 , University at Buffalo

Professor 2018– , University at Buffalo


Kim Nguyen

Laboratory Manager

Hails from: Westchester County, NY

BS in Pharmacology & Toxicology, BA in Psychology from UB

Project: Mouse colony management and genotyping

Hobbies: Reading, crafting, gaming


Sydney Brongo

PhD Student

Hails from: Rochester, NY

B.S. in Biological Sciences from UB

Project: Organization of sound intensity in the anteroventral cochlear nucleus 

Hobbies: watching k-dramas, reading, only here for the vibes


Gavin Labouf

Undergraduate Student

Hails from: Marathon, NY

Project: Projections of auditory nerve subtypes  

Hobbies: Skiing, gaming, watching movies

Previous Lab Members 

Master's Students

Sang Rok Oh, MS '09

Ariel François, MA '14

Visiting Students

Alejandro Mendoza Schulz

Katherine Luce, BA '09

Tariq Ahmed, BS '13

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