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On his way back from Hannover, Matthew dropped by Göttingen and caught up with Jonas Fisch, who learned dynamic clamp in the lab three years ago. Jonas was showing a poster of his work at the NWG German Neuroscience meeting. It was great to talk to him. Good luck, Jonas!

Matthew travelled to Germany, to the Stiftung Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover. He was invited to participate in a symposium about the connection between the gut and the brain. In the spirit of the symposium, he talked about how synaptic properties are influenced by the environment, in the auditory system. He also had a great chance to catch up with Felix Felmy, and walk all around Hannover.

The lab upholds the tradition of celebrating good news with a lab lunch. Congratulations to Sydney and Alex on their acceptances to graduate school, to Jarrod for giving his first seminar presentation on his project, and to submitting the grant! Here's to continued success in the future!

Pictured left to right are: Kamya Shah, Evan Forero, Jarrod Lynch, Alex Gennaro, Kim Nguyen, Sydney Brongo and our esteemed PI Matthew Xu-Friedman

(Not pictured: Colin Schupbach and Daysia Augustin - hopefully we'll see you next time!)

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