Matthew Xu-Friedman

Hails from: San Diego, CA

BS 1989, Yale University

PhD 1997, Cornell University, Carl Hopkins PI

postdoc 1997–2004. Harvard Medical School, Wade Regehr PI

Assistant Professor 2004–2010, University at Buffalo

Associate Professor 2010–2018 , University at Buffalo

Professor 2018– , University at Buffalo


Nicole Wong

Hails from: Brooklyn, NY

BS in Biology from Adelphi University

MS in Biology from Adelphi University

Projects: Effects of serotonin in the cochlear nucleus, effects of activity on endbulbs

Hobbies: Playing tricks on her labmates, watching the New York Mets, and playing the Ukulele 

PhD Candidate

Maggie Postolache

Hails from: Los Angeles, California

BA in Biology from UC Santa Barbara

Projects: Effects of aging on cochlear nucleus units

Hobbies: Tennis, travel, hiking

PhD Candidate

Kimberly Nguyen

Hails from: Westchester, NY

BS in Pharmacology and Toxicology

Projects: Effects of noise exposure and deafening on synaptic structure

Hobbies: Guitar, Yoga, and tidying up like Marie Kondo

MS Student

John Puskas

Hails from: Buffalo, NY

Projects: Effects of noise exposure and deafening on endbulb structure

Hobbies: Baking, fantasy football, and video games

MA Student

Austin D'Angelo

Hails from: Buffalo, NY

Projects: Serial electron microscopy

Hobbies: Reading, video games

Undergraduate Student

James Engel

Hails from: Baltimore, MD

Projects: Differentiation of auditory nerve fibers

Hobbies: Biking, Cooking, volunteering time to save lives with LVAC

Lab Support Specialist

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Previous Lab Members 

Master's Students

Sang Rok Oh, MS '09

Ariel François, MA '14

Visiting Students

Alejandro Mendoza Schulz

Katherine Luce, BA '09

Tariq Ahmed, BS '13

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Edited by MA Xu-Friedman


Now MS student in Lee Lab